Friday, July 28, 2017

News:: UK PS Plus subscribers informed of incoming price-hike

PS Plus subscribers in the UK have received an email informing them that the cost of Playstation's online service is set to increase at the end of August.

An annual subscription is going up £10, to £49.99. A quarterly sub will cost £19.99, a rise of £5 and a monthly sub will see a slight increase to £6.99. Yearly this is a 20% increase for annual subscribers, and a 33% increase for quarterlies.

The email cites the new price "reflects various market conditions" which is probably jargon for the reasoning that the U.S. subscriber fee went up last year, coupled with the fact that the pound is in a really shit place. Up until the date the change goes live, it is possible to purchase a new subscription at current prices, which will then be activated on your account when your current subscription ends.

The price increase will be implemented at 0:01 BST on August 31.

UK PS Plus subscribers informed of incoming price-hike screenshot

via destructoid