Friday, July 28, 2017

News:: Review: Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde looks like one of those scrappy little action flicks that has a slow burn of success. Think of things like John Wick or Taken. Films that succeed because they're cram full of action and their plots actually engage. It's practically a new genre of its own, bucking the trend of high budgets and settling instead of intense fight sequences and more dead bodies than a cemetery. 

Looks can be kind of deceiving, however. While Atomic Blonde definitely serves up some action, it's an odd outlier from what you'd normally expect, and that is aside from having a female lead in a genre almost completely dominated by males. See Atomic Blonde isn't one of these revenge/bad guys/save the day films, it's a cold war spy thriller that someone shoved a bunch of brutal fight sequences into. 

Review: Atomic Blonde screenshot


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