Friday, July 28, 2017

News:: The American Dream's political satire could be undone by how fun it is to play

The American Dream is a virtual reality game developed by Australians that explores America's relationship with guns and gun control. I say this because I want everyone to lay their cards on the table – even if you don't agree with the game's thesis or don't understand where the developers are coming from, I'm asking you to look at what The American Dream is and whether it will be successful in what it sets out to do.

Because that's my primary concern about this game: I'm worried The American Dream will be too much fun to play. In most cases, that wouldn't be a bad thing – especially in the context of virtual reality developers still feeling out how their vision fits the hardware. This is a tremendously entertaining VR shooter, I could spend all day slamming magazines into a well-greased chamber in slow motion. And that works for the game's opening hours, where the eponymous Carousel of Progress-style theme park attraction shows you all the everyday American tasks you can accomplish with guns, like flipping hamburgers by shooting them off one grill and onto another.

But! The demo I was shown earlier this week (as well as an earlier demo I saw at PAX East) was a tongue-in-cheek joke at the expense of America's love of guns. However, I was told the game would eventually take a darker tone, one that portrays guns as dangerous weapons – in the broad strokes, much like how Spec Ops: The Line goes from a generic military shooter to a Heart of Darkness-like.

The American Dream's political satire could be undone by how fun it is to play screenshot


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