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News:: 'Resogun' developer teases multiplayer-centric 'Stormdivers'

Last November, Finnish game developer Housemarque declared that the arcade genre "is dead." The studio's last title, Nex Machina, was warmly received by the press and currently boasts an 88 rating on Metacritic. "Lackluster sales," however, meant the company needed to change direction if it wanted to keep making games. It vowed to make "something completely different" and today, we have our first tease of the team's new project. The game is called Stormdivers and it promises a "multiplayer-centric experience" blended with "hard flying and heavy hitting gameplay." What that means in practice, though, is a mystery.

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News:: 'God of War' director's video shows the human side of making games

It's easy to forget that real people create games. For them, the eventual launch is as much terrifying as it is exciting -- they've poured years of their life into a project whose success is far from guaranteed. And if you need an illustration of that point, you just have to ask God of War director Cory Barlog. He posted a video of his reaction to early reviews of the PS4 action blockbuster, and it adds a sorely-needed human element to an industry where developers are often reduced to a list of faceless names in the credits.

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Source: Cory Barlog (YouTube)

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Friday, April 20, 2018

News:: Starz cancels Ash vs Evil Dead after third season

Starz has announced that Ash vs Evil Dead will not be renewed for a fourth season. After the April 29 season finale the show will be cancelled, ending a run that painted our screens in prolific amounts of gore and blood, not to mention returning "The Classic" to the small screen. I have to say, I'm partly to blame as I don't have a Starz subscription and would just wait for the season to be done to binge it on Amazon by subscribing for a month.

Sorry about that, Bruce Campbell.

The show, which started off with solid ratings in season one, had had slumped down to only 225,000 viewers by the time the third season rolled around. It's too bad since it was a ton of fun, and wasn't shy of being a gory mess with cheesy effects, and one-liners coming out of Campbell's mouth every other second. There were some pretty classic scenes through the first two seasons, and the writers and producers did a good job in tying it all in with the plot and tone of the films. Of course, I haven't watched the third season yet so that could all not be true anymore.

Again, really sorry about that, Bruce Campbell.

The point is that we'll no longer have a guy with a chainsaw for a hand on our televisions, and that's not groovy. Not groovy at all.

By the way, if you're one of the people that hasn't watched the show at all, it's on Netflix (U.S.) now, and it's incredibly bingeable. 

Starz cancels Ash vs Evil Dead after third season screenshot

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News:: Hollow Knight's latest update adds a bunch of free goodies

The wait for Hollow Knight's third DLC isn't quite over yet, but in the mean time, developer Team Cherry has released a new update to tide fans over. Called "Lifeblood," this new patch adds a bunch of stuff, tweaks some of the game's features and adds some bug fixes to smooth out the Hollow Knight experience. It is currently only available on PC, Linux and Mac (via GOG and Steam), but should be heading to Switch in short order.

The biggest addition is a brand new boss fight. The developer blog makes note that the music was done by Chris Larkin, who fans will recognize as the guy behind the main game's OST. Custom map markers are also a big addition, which will come in handy for traversing the game's environment. You can also now play the game in Japanese, if you so choose.

The full list of additions/changes is below:

Hollow Knight's latest update adds a bunch of free goodies screenshot


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News:: Hallmark will be selling some classic gaming ornaments this holiday

If you love having novelty ornaments hanging on your Christmas tree, then Hallmark has a real treat for you! Coming this holiday season, the world's premiere paper store will be selling three brand new ornaments modeled after some of gaming's biggest icons. You'll be able to grab a Super Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong themed trinket to hang on your tree and let others know you acknowledge the classics.

I'm particularly happy with the Zelda ornament, since Link is left handed. I remember seeing a green t-shirt way back with that image reversed and it always drove me insane. I'm a stickler for little details like that, so kudos to Hallmark.

Hallmark will be selling some classic gaming ornaments this holiday screenshot


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News:: Samurai Shodown IV cuts a path to PS4 and Xbox One

Hamster continue their wave of classic Neo Geo goodness with the return of one the more controversial titles of the SamSho series, 1995's Samurai Shodown IV, available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

After SNK made efforts to darken the tone and appearance of the series with Samurai Shodown III, they found that fans had muddled opinions on the new direction. Like all fighting game developers are apt to do when fans show even an inkling of concern, SNK immediately gave up on their new plans and hurriedly attempted to restore the series to its roots.

Samurai Shodown IV features much more colourful visuals and a higher contrast setting to its overall aesthetic. Popular characters that had been retired from the series quickly found themselves thrust back into the thick of battle. SamSho IV also plays somewhat differently from previous entries, with new features such as the C+D combo system, a time limit for single player that affects the ending, and a bizarre "Seppuku" mechanic, whereby a play can forfeit the round in exchange for full POW meter.

Various elements of the Samurai Shodown games during this era - from their aesthetics and controls, to their narrative to roster - divide much of the audience to this day. I, personally, really like SamSho IV. It might be my favourite entry in the series after SamSho II, and I think it still holds up very well.

Samurai Shodown IV is available now on Xbox One worldwide and on PS4 in Japan.

Samurai Shodown IV cuts a path to PS4 and Xbox One screenshot

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News:: Tim Schafer explains his creative process

One of the things I'm most interested in hearing about is how creators, well, create -- how they generate ideas and then go about bringing them to life. Everyone seems to have their own personal method. In the case of Double Fine's Tim Schafer, we've gotten an up-close look at how he works thanks to 2 Player Productions' illuminating documentary series about the production of Broken Age.

Speaking at Reboot Develop 2018, Schafer elaborated on his creative process and also shared a fun anecdote about a certain Psychonauts 2 character whose name is decades in the making.

Tim Schafer explains his creative process screenshot


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News:: Grab real time cyberpunk strategy game Satellite Reign for free right now

Satellite Reign arrived roughly three years ago on PC, and some sci-fi strategy fans really took to it.

We don't really have much cyberpunk in our lives these days (it feels like CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 will be in development until 2077), so it's definitely worth giving a shot.  It's a bit of success story, as it was funded on Kickstarter in 2013, billed as a follow-up to the classic Syndicate games. It deals with class and corporation warfare set to the tune of a dystopian city, as inhabitants battle over "Resurrection-Tech," the key to immortality.

Satellite Reign is still free for just under a day, so get on it if you want it.

Satellite Reign [Humble]

Grab real time cyberpunk strategy game Satellite Reign for free right now screenshot

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News:: Attention weed-likers: This PS4 theme is hella chill, brahs

Got a buck-fifty burning a hole in your pocket? Do you want to show the world you've got nothing better to spend a buck-fifty on? Has your mom been asking you what that odd smell in your room is? Then I've got the scoop for you, fellow drugs users!

Just in time for everyone's favorite holiday that Hallmark still hasn't figured out how to sell cards for, PlayStation Network has a dank deal on this totally tubular dynamic theme. Feast your eyes as you feast on your Doritos upon this, the Happy Reggae Skeleton theme!

Attention weed-likers: This PS4 theme is hella chill, brahs screenshot


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News:: Uhh, I guess there's a new Doom movie...?

Despite the last Doom movie (2005) going over like a lead balloon, Hollywood is supposedly trying again. If at first you don't succeed, and all that.

Danish actress/musician/model Nina Bergman recently tweeted that she has signed on to act in a new Doom movie that's being made by Universal Pictures. That seems to be all the information that's available. There's no word about who the film stars, who's directing, where it's set (hopefully in hell), or when this will release.

The punctuation in the headline more or less expresses my two-fold trepidation toward this news. First, this is an extremely unofficial way for this project's existence to be outed. But, Bergman's an actress with a decent-enough portfolio of roles; she's probably not in the business of starting false rumors.

So even if we accept this as truth, man, The Rock's Doom was a nightmare mess. We really don't need a repeat of that -- especially since the video game Doom is riding high these days. Well, at least the bar is set plenty low. It shouldn't be too tough to surpass expectations.

@ninabergman [Twitter via ResetEra]

Uhh, I guess there's a new Doom movie...? screenshot

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News:: It's 420, so let's celebrate with some games

Satan’s spinach isn’t everyone’s thing, but don’t feel like you’re excluded from the stoned shenanigans just because you don’t smoke. That’s preposterous.

420 is all about bringing people together. We all get high one way or another. Some of our highs are born from the slow burn of physical herbs in a sacrificial act to achieve another perspective. Other highs come from toppling a boss in Dark Souls, completing a song in Rock Band without missing a note -- a #1 Victory Royale. I don’t see much difference between a packed bowl and a chicken dinner, but, in the spirit of harmony, today’s the day to celebrate the unity of both.

This year’s 420 is especially remarkable with both God of War and Nintendo Labo dropping simultaneously. If you’re completely disinterested in both sides of the fatherhood-childhood spectrum, here's a few suggested games to play if you want to ring in 420 proper. Every platform is covered in some capacity, and some are even free, saving you those sweet, sweet bones for even more weed.

What are you playing today? If you can’t decide, I hope this helps:

It's 420, so let's celebrate with some games screenshot


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News:: Finally, a proper gameplay trailer for Binding of Isaac prequel The Legend of Bum-bo

We've known about Edmund McMillan and James Id's The Legend of Bum-bo for a good long while now, but we've never actually known much about it. Bum-bo is a companion in The Binding of Isaac, and this game has been billed as a prequel to Isaac's macabre downward journey. Also, it's some sort of hybrid randomly-generated, spell-casting, match-4, turn-based puzzle RPG.

It's a lot to process, especially from the limited teases we've seen. However, the developers have given us a much more substantial look today. Embedded above is the first gameplay trailer for The Legend of Bum-bo.

Seeing it in action, the systems start to make sense. It seems as if the match-4 mechanics energize Bumbo's different attacks, which he then uses to target enemies. There's also a certain novelty to seeing the Isaac aesthetic translated to a 3D cardboard-like look. Anyone who watched closely probably noticed a very familiar leg toward the end of the trailer.

McMillan and Id are no closer to a Bum-bo release date than they were at the beginning of the year. It's still casually set for a 2018 launch on PC, Mac, and iOS devices. However, a post on the game's site still holds out hope for a Switch port sometime in 2019.

Finally, a proper gameplay trailer for Binding of Isaac prequel The Legend of Bum-bo screenshot


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News:: The Custom Range Blaster is this week's Splatoon 2 weapon

It's the weekend already, (How in the blue hell do these things keep coming so fast?) which means it's time for another new weapon to grace the insanely expansive arsenal of Nintendo's arena-shooter, Splatoon 2.

Today sees the return of the Custom Range Blaster from the original Splatoon. This heavy-duty device fires concentrated bursts of ink that detonate on impact. It chooses to sacrifice fire-rate and ink consumption for long-distance damage, and comes equipped with a Curling Bomb sub and Bubble Blower special.

The Custom Range Blaster goes live in North America this evening, with Europe and Japan to follow early tomorrow. Speaking of Japan, their latest splatfest kicks off tomorrow. Sponsored by technological institute JAMSTECH, this day-long battle will see players ink-it-out over whether their curiosity is piqued more by "Unknown Creatures" or by "Advanced Technology".

The Custom Range Blaster is this week's Splatoon 2 weapon screenshot


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News:: Agony and its imaginative nudity-filled hell descends upon us in late May

Madmind Studios' take on hell is something that has intrigued us for years now. Its gory depiction of the underworld -- all made up of teeth and viscera and tortured souls -- is so uniquely promising that the setting very well might steal the spotlight from the rest of Agony. We'll find out soon enough.

It was announced today that Agony will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 29. There's still plenty of mystery surrounding it though. Apart from traversing hell and possessing demons, it's almost entirely unclear as to what's actually Agony's larger goal. We just know it'll be creative in whatever direction it veers.

There's also an interesting (and completely expected) controversy surrounding Agony's content. As Madmind recently posted on Kickstarter, the developer has been working with various ratings boards across the world to get Agony bumped down to a "Mature" rating instead of the "Adults Only" designation it originally had. This is the only way Madmind would be able to release on PS4 and Xbox One. However, the developer promises an optional patch for PC that re-adds whatever needed to be taken out to placate the classification boards.

Agony and its imaginative nudity-filled hell descends upon us in late May screenshot

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News:: 'H1Z1' Pro League's Vegas matches stream on Facebook this weekend

H1Z1's take on the battle royale genre may not be as popular as, say, Fortnite or PUBG, but it has something the other two don't: an eSports tournament in Vegas. On Saturday the 21st, 75 pro players from 15 well-known teams like Echo Fox, Cloud9 and Luminosity will try to survive to the bitter end at the Twin Galaxies eSports Center, which is located just off the strip within Caesars Entertainment Studios.

Source: H1Z1 Pro League

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News:: Check out Street Fighter V's Falke in action with this video breakdown

Capcom have released a gameplay breakdown video of the newest character to hit the roster of Street Fighter V, the enigmatic Falke. The Guardian Hawk joins the SFV roster next week, the third character released in the fighting title's current season.

In the official video, Falke's special attacks and (apparently) controversial Critical Art are all showcased. We also get to see her projectile nullifying V-Skill and some sample combos. Just like her pseudo-brother, Ed, Falke uses directional-free inputs for her specials, which makes her hit confirms extremely dangerous.

I think The Guardian Hawk is looking pretty good. I do agree with the community complaints that her attack animations seem weirdly stiff and lack flow, but I have a feeling her long-range pokes, frustrating projectile game and single-button hit confirms will make her a formidable presence in the arena.

Falke will be available to purchase on April 24. As with all downloadable characters, she will cost around $6 in real cash or 100,000 in Itchy & Scratchy money.

Check out Street Fighter V's Falke in action with this video breakdown screenshot


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News:: UK schools have reportedly approached Nintendo about Labo

Nintendo's new Labo software is already proving to be one of the most innovative and interesting new concepts in video games for quite some time. The Toy-Con Garage in particular provides wide-eyed kids with the opportunity to get to grips with basic coding in a rudimentary but fun manner.

With the marriage of cardboard, consoles and imagination (along with a bucket-load of cash) providing educational potential, various UK schools have reportedly contacted Nintendo to ask about the possibilities of getting the Labo software in front of pupils, helping them learn about design, construction and programming while using tools and concepts that they can feel enthusiastic about.

Obviously it isn't as easy as just sending stock out to classrooms and telling the kids to let rip. Not only are Switch consoles and Labo software materials expensive items, but there are a variety of red-tape barriers that must be crossed before your product can be officially deemed "educational", thus qualifying for bulk-cost reductions, teacher training, classroom support and such.

While it remains to be seen whether Nintendo will enter into an agreement with places of learning to turning their new baby into a genuine, bona-fide tool for education, it's clear that Labo is a product that encourages imagination and design, while also containing elements of software coding, lateral thinking and problem-solving skills.

As the classroom moves into an age I never experienced, of laptops, iPads and live-streamed lectures, it would seem fitting for instruments such as Labo to find their way into the hands of pupils, preparing them for a future in which computer science is as important as your A, B... and, y'know? the next one.

UK schools approach Nintendo about Labo in the classroom []

UK schools have reportedly approached Nintendo about Labo screenshot

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News:: This Crash Bandicoot Switch holder will stare into your soul

They say cameras take your soul, but I have a feeling those folks never laid eyes on this statue.

From manufacturer Exquisite Gaming comes this hulking terror, called "XL Crash Bandicoot Cable Guy," a statue that can hold various bits of gaming paraphernalia, including a Nintendo Switch console. I'm not sure if the "Cable Guy" moniker is in reference to the deranged character from the Jim Carrey film, or if he's actually expected to hold cables -- as none of the gallery pictures in the list show wires -- so I'm going with the former.

Crash Bandicoot Cable Guy will be released on June 15 for $39.99. Fear it.

XL Crash Bandicoot Cable Guy [Amazon]

This Crash Bandicoot Switch holder will stare into your soul screenshot


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News:: Protagonists rock Sega gear and cross-dressing outfits in new Persona Dancing trailers

The character videos just keep a-comin' for Atlus' rhythm-action games Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night.Now that most of the friends, lovers and confidants have been revealed, it's time for our leads, with videos dedicated to the respective games' protagonists.

The two new trailers feature Persona 3's male protagonist, canon name "Minato" "Makoto", and Persona 5's head Phantom Thief "Akira" "Joker" "Ren". Both cool dudes strut their stuff before being joined by two of their best pals, namely Aigis for Makoto and Ryuji for Ren.

As a bonus, we also get to see the recently revealed Sega franchise and cross-dressing outfits in action, with Makoto taking to the dancefloor as Virtua Fighter's Akira, then in a cute maid getup. Meanwhile, Ren steps out briefly in the iconic suit of Yakuza's Kazuma Kiryu.

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night are set for release in Japan May 24 on PS4 and PS Vita.

Protagonists rock Sega gear and cross-dressing outfits in new Persona Dancing trailers screenshot


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News:: Bill Nye tinkering with Nintendo Labo is enough to warm your heart

Today marks the release of Nintendo's Labo papercraft kits. Obviously the only celebrity endorsement you need for such a thing is Bill Nye The Science Guy, so Nintendo cooked up a short video with the '90s legend getting his science on. I never put two and two together in realizing Labo was a form of scientific ingenuity, but at least we can now watch nearly five minutes of Bill acting like a kid.

Maybe it is all the nostalgia from the '90s, but I really love watching Bill Nye tinker around with stuff. I also miss "The Universe of Energy" from Disney World, which featured both Bill Nye and Ellen DeGeneres. Can we get a sequel to that?

Bill Nye tinkering with Nintendo Labo is enough to warm your heart screenshot


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News:: Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is getting its first DLC character next week, and that's not fast enough

Way back in March, Vayne Carudas Solidor from Final Fantasy XII was announced as the first of six DLC characters that would be coming to Dissidia NT. Despite arriving in the March update for the arcade counterpart, Square revealed the console version would be receiving Vayne on April 26. That's almost three months after the release date of the game internationally.

If Square Enix and Team Ninja are going to take this game seriously, players can't be kept waiting this long.

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is getting its first DLC character next week, and that's not fast enough screenshot


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News:: Platinum wants to drum up support for The Wonderful 101 on Switch

Last year, Platinum Games tweeted an image that very clearly teased The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch. It seemed like an announcement was coming and fans got excited about the possibility of having one of the Wii U's overlooked gems make more of a name for itself on Switch.

Except, nothing has come of that tease -- at least not yet.

Today during a Reboot Develop 2018 talk about Platinum's past and future with action games, director Hideki Kamiya said he was "super proud" to be able to make The Wonderful 101. Through a translator, he asked the audience who had played it before. A not-insignificant number of hands shot up in response. Kamiya joked that he assumed "only about six people on the planet had ever played."

He then expressed interest in a Switch release, but it would have to go through Nintendo. So, Kamiya asked for more audience participation: would we buy it? If so, clap. (Almost) everyone did.

With the Bayonetta games making it over to Switch, it really seems like 101 should be next.

Platinum wants to drum up support for The Wonderful 101 on Switch screenshot

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News:: Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition will be dropping onto Switch this Summer

In 1993, during the Video Game Violence hearings, Nintendo of America's Howard Lincoln told the senate that Mega CD stinker Night Trap would "never appear on a Nintendo system."

Well, it took over 25 years, but someone at The Big N has decided that the world is finally ready, as Digital Pictures' notorious FMV title is coming to Nintendo Switch this Summer. Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition is bringing its repetitive guitar riffs, blasts of dry ice and modest underwear to the Nintendo eShop, complete with all the fun extras added by developer Screaming Villains.

Not only that, but Limited Run Games have announced that they will be putting out a physical copy of the title, as they did for last year's PC and PS4 releases, which were snapped up in no time at all.

It took over two decades but we, the people, finally won. Or we all lost, depending on your viewpoint.

Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition will be dropping onto Switch this Summer screenshot


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News:: Review: Edifier S730 2.1 speaker system

Speakers are kind of an anomaly for me. I'm pretty well-versed in headphones, both in terms of decadence and thriftiness, but the world of speakers, specifically anything above the 2.1 realm, requires a different level of expertise.

Luckily I grew up creating CAT-5 cables, which is a heck of a lot harder than splicing audio wires into the back of a receiver, so setting up the Edifier S730 2.1 speaker system wasn't a hassle. It's also a nice piece of hardware.

Review: Edifier S730 2.1 speaker system screenshot


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News:: Awesome Overwatch Reaper Figma now available for pre-order

The Good People of Good Smile have unveiled photos of the next figure in the Figma line based on popular Blizzard shooter Overwatch. Joining Tracer, Widowmaker and Genji is the soulless assassin, and poster-boy for nu-metal lovers everywhere, Reaper.

As is to be expected from the Figma brand. The figure features intricate, beautiful detailing, showcasing the former Blackwatch operative's badass look and penchant for twin shotguns. The trademark Figma poseability is present and correct, with the option to arrange Reaper into a variety of exciting, dynamic stances.

Standing at a little over six inches in height, Reaper comes with his trademark Hellfire guns, detachable muzzle-flare effect, alternate base-plate and replacement hands for that all-important emoji replication. Available to pre-order now ahead of his 2019 release, Reaper costs a cool ¥7,222, or around $67, not including shipping or any customs charges.

You can check out the bad boy of Overwatch right now at the Good Smile Co. website.

Awesome Overwatch Reaper Figma now available for pre-order screenshot


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News:: Ohio university offers the first 'Fortnite' eSports scholarship

Ohio's Ashland University's new eSports program will be the first in the US to offer player scholarships for the wildly popular battle royale game Fortnite. They'll hey plan to field a four-player team alongside squads for Overwatch and League of Legends when the program debuts in the collegiate eSports landscape next fall.

Source: Ashland University

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News:: Review: God of War (PS4)

I was highly skeptical of the soft God of War Norse reboot. I'm always willing to give something a shot, but taking the fast and frenetic combat of the original series and slowing it down to focus on a father and son relationship? It's a bold and risky move.

One that paid off in spades.

Review: God of War (PS4) screenshot


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