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News:: The MSI Final for League of Legends becomes the most watched esports match ever

If there was ever any doubt that esports has taken China by storm, then the finals of this year's Mid-Season Invitational for League of Legends shatters all such questions.

eSports Charts, a website collecting data and analytics on esports and streaming, showed that the event peaked during the finals match between Korea's Kingzone DragonX and China's Royal Never Give Up, with 127,551,726 eager spectators, the majority of whom were from China.

The MSI Final for League of Legends becomes the most watched esports match ever screenshot


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News:: Splatoon 2's TMNT splatfest tournament comes to an end, Sanrio tournament has only begun

After three weeks of colourful, ink-splashing warfare, the North American and European Splatoon 2 communities have finally decided, once and for all, who is the greatest Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle.

So, it's official: "Doing machines" is what the people want, as Team Marina's Donatello took the 2 - 1 victory over hot-headed badass, Raphael. Once again, the popular vote (53%) went the way of the runner-up, but Donnie bagged both Solo and Team Play points to take tournament glory. Is this an upset? You decide.

Although the TMNT tournament has reached its dramatic conclusion, over in Japan a new battle is just beginning, with round one of the Sanrio character splatfest also in the books. Flag-bearer Hello Kitty defeated Cinnamoroll 2 - 1, despite the latter taking a huge 60% of the public vote. So at least Pearl has something to be stoked about this weekend,

Next week will see My Melody face off against Pompompurin, the winner of which will now face the feline one in the Grand Finals. But, for now, congratulations are in order for Team Marina and her boy, Donatello. Maybe brains really are better than braun.

Splatoon 2's TMNT splatfest tournament comes to an end, Sanrio tournament has only begun screenshot


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News:: The world is in need of a new platform mascot

Sonic. Conker. Aero. Gex. Jim. Banjo. Crash. Bubsy. Sparkster. Rocky. Awesome. Going into a game store in the 90s was like going into a zoo where the staff forced animals to go on wild and amazing adventures. Coming of age in the decade was perfect for a platformer fan like myself as there was never a shortage of new 2D and 3D adventures starring whatever animal developers thought would appeal to us Sunkist-drinking, Fruit by the Foot-eating miscreants. For a good chunk of the decade, the mascot platformer ruled.

And then we grew up. When gaming exploded with the launch of the PlayStation, it brought with it a slew of new genres and series that would quickly knock the mighty mascot platformer off the top of the gaming pedestal. As rated T for Teen titles started their domination of the landscape near the turn of the millennium, many of those old animal heroes faded from existence. And while recent years have brought renewed interest into some of these characters, the genre is now niche unless you’re published by Nintendo or Sega.

I still get all warm and fuzzy inside when I think of these games and I wonder today, if the mascot platformer were to see a sudden resurgence, what new animals would be there to fill these featured roles. Many of the most recognizable animals have already had their time in the spotlight, from the mighty elephant Tembo to the tiny stinkbug Yoku, so I asked the Destructoid staff which animal they would most want to see star in their own mascot platformer game. That is, what animal besides the quokka, as that is my answer and the correct one.

I was introduced to mangy marsupial in a Twitter post sandwiched between People Magazine letting me know who Chrissy Teigen obliterated with just one Tweet and GameSpot linking to a post it wrote two years ago as if it were new. If you’ve seen one of these things online, it’s probably been one of those super adorable pictures because goddamn is this animal photogenic. I mean look at this thing. I want one as a pet, even though they’re incredibly diseased. I’m sure it would get along with the capybara I also want to own one day.

Now, the quokka’s adventure would be really easy: get out of Australia before you starve to death because that’s what happens to quokkas. Maybe that’s the whole basis of the game: collect water and food so all the quokkas on Rottnest Island so they don't die the Karen Carpenter way. That’s the appropriate amount of grim for a medium where people are turned into bricks that we then break with our fists. Or maybe the quokka just hops and bops his way through every level by being cute. Like Dropsy with his hugs, but instead of hugging he does this and all the enemies fall in love with him.

Really, this post is just a reason for me to write about quokkas.

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News:: Diary of a 'speedrunner,' part 1

So, speedrunning. We've heard of it, we watch the marathons sometimes, and we might even make a donation to charity in its name. Not much to talk about, right?

I mean, I thought that way for a while, and didn't quite get the fascination. Why play games as quickly as possible when you end up skipping half the story? How is it any different to standard streaming, and surely it represents an inflated sense of competition with no real aim at all? Who cares about wasting time playing through a game from start to finish, just to shave mere seconds off your time?

Then I watched AGDQ 2018 and changed my mind pretty much overnight. Within the space of, oh, four months, I went from finding the whole thing a bit silly, to signing up to volunteer at a different speedrunning event and being approved to do my own run. I went so fast I went dizzy.

But this isn't just a story about how I found speedrunning, why speedrunning is great and who you should be paying attention to during the upcoming marathons. This is the first part in a series, where I will be interviewing speedrunners, reporting on the event I'm attending in the summer (the European Speedrunner Assembly) and talking about how people come up with the best strats possible. I hope to jump face-first into speedrunning as much as I can, even as someone who has two left feet when it comes to natural gaming prowess.

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News:: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Day One Edition sells out in just over a week

Shantae: Half Genie Hero - Ultimate Day One Edition hit the shelves on PS4 and Nintendo Switch earlier in May and, reportedly, is already ghost, having sold out in record time.

The Day One edition of the physical release included the 2016 platformer, complete with all its DLC, extra modes and backer features. Also included were a "Risky Beats" soundtrack sampler and a 100-page art book. But apparently the complete run of these sets were snapped up in just under a fortnight.

Anyone who is hoping to get their hands on a physical copy of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition should take heart that more copies of just the game itself will be rolled out over the forthcoming weeks. The Day One edition with all the physical extras is now, unfortunately, out of stock. Coming to an eBay site near you soon, no doubt.

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News:: The Destructoid network is hiring news editors, get over here!

Do you obsess about video game news? Come be with your people and join Enthusiast Gaming. We operate a dozen gaming-related websites looking to bring on a few more junior news deputies. These are paid part-time jobs, ideally for students interested in the art of pseudo-Reddit shitposting and Harold journalism.

We're looking for casual fun-loving bastards to help us track all of the games our readers are looking to read the most, especially with the deluge about to come down the mountain from E3.  We're not hiring immediately for Destructoid proper (we have a few gigs on some of our smaller sites) but if its here you want to be just get your foot in the door and work your way up.

To apply simply send published writing samples, ideally links to your blog to gigs [at] enthusiastgaming [dot] com.  Good luck!

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News:: Oculus' mobile VR now supports paid add-ons for apps

Downloadable extras are a staple of the gaming world on PCs, phones and consoles, but not in VR. With Oculus' devices, you've either had to buy another app or hope the creator would be kind enough to throw in thew new content for free. Not anymore: Oculus has introduced beta support for paid DLC in the mobile store serving both its stand-alone Go headset and Samsung's Gear VR. If a game developer wants to expand the story, for example, they can ask you to pay a small amount instead of charging for a wholly separate app.

Source: Oculus Developers

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

News:: Wild Guns: Reloaded developer at work on another classic remake

According to their official Japanese website Tengo Project - the branch of Atari Natsume that developed SNES steampunk remake Wild Arms: Reloaded - have begun work on a new project.

There is zero to go on thus far, and fans are asked to "look forward to more information in the future". Natsume and Tengo Project were responsible for several classic SNES titles in the '90s, including the dreadful Power Rangers one-on-one fighter and scrolling brawler The Ninja Warriors.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean they will be remaking one of their own titles again, or even another SNES release. There is nothing but pure speculation at this point. Regardless, Wild Guns: Reloaded is pretty darn good, so it'll be interesting to see what the developer has up its sleeve.

Tengo Project have begun work on Remake Project #2 [Gematsu / Official]

Wild Guns: Reloaded developer at work on another classic remake screenshot

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News:: Best Buy has cancelled its 'Gamers Club Unlocked' program

For quite some time, retail giant Best Buy has offered a yearly program called "Gamers Club Unlocked" to its customers. While there were a lot of good features about the program, the biggest incentive to sign-up was the 20% discount on new games. If you were a fan of buying physical copies and at launch, GCU was a no brainer. Rumors began circulating online that Best Buy had cancelled the program; sadly, that is true.

No official statement exists to prove this, but asking at your local Best Buy can confirm as much. During an outing to catch some Charmanders in Pokemon Go today, I stopped by Best Buy and asked the clerk at their customer service desk if the rumors were true. She told me that Best Buy sent out an internal notice to employees about the service ending two days ago (May 17, 2018). No reason was given for why, though anyone signed up will be able to keep their subscription for as long as they have left.

Destructoid's own CJ also confirmed the rumor at his local Best Buy. To clarify, I live on the East Coast and CJ is on the West Coast, so this doesn't seem to be a region specific thing. At the time of writing, you can still access details about the program on Best Buy's official website, but you won't be able to sign-up or renew your subscription.

Best Buy has cancelled its 'Gamers Club Unlocked' program screenshot

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News:: Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, and Stellaris all getting new DLC this year

Today at PDXcon's announcement show, among the game reveals, news of more DLC packs for Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, and Stellaris were all announced to be coming in 2018.

The first pack to be released will be the Stellaris story pack, Distant Stars. The pack will add new solar systems and "a mysterious sealed off constellation entirely removed from our galaxy." The main focus of this pack will be returning the thrill of exploring the galaxy by adding in more anomalies when traveling through space.

Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, and Stellaris all getting new DLC this year screenshot


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News:: Japan's Sanrio-themed splatfest kicks off in Splatoon 2 today

While North America and Europe fight it out over Splatoon 2's TMNT-themed splatfest tournament, Japan locks and loads for round one of their own character battle.

Today sees the start of a three-week tournament to ascertain the Splatoon community's favourite Sanrio character. Figurehead Hello Kitty is currently up against the adorable Cinnamoroll. As usual, A three-point system, based upon Public Poll, Solo and Team Play will decide the victor.

The winner will go through to the Grand Finals in two week's time, to face the winner of round two, which will see My Melody square up to Pompompurin for even more kawaii warfare. Nintendo have released a line of cool T-shirts to promote the tournament, although sadly they are only available on the Japanese Nintendo store.

The Hello Kitty vs Cinnamoroll splatfest is live in Japan right now, ending tomorrow at 15:00 JST.

Japan's Sanrio-themed splatfest kicks off in Splatoon 2 today screenshot


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News:: Valve is suddenly targeting adult visual novels for removal from Steam

Over the last few days, developers and publishers of H-Games, eroge titles and more adult visual novels have been hit with takedown notices from Valve. From out of the blue, certain games are now in violation of Steam’s rules and guidelines for appropriate content on the platform. Valve is threatening to remove these games unless they are heavily censored, though that is baffling as most of the games are already censored. Crazier still, the publishers and developers in question have already worked with Valve to make sure their games don’t violate any of Steam’s content rules, so these issues should not even be happening.

While it could possibly be explained for titles that are relatively new and haven’t had a once over by Valve, the most famous title that is being targeted is Huniepop. For those unaware, Huniepop launched on Steam in January of 2015 and has been allowed on the platform unchallenged for over three years. Why Valve would suddenly want one of the most popular games on its service gone is puzzling, but Huniepop isn’t the only game in the crosshair. Kindred Spirits on the Roof, which is published by MangaGamer, is also under fire as is Mutiny!! by Lupiesoft.

Other games getting hit include multiple titles by Sekai Project (Re;Lord 1 and Tropical Liquor), Obscurasoft’s Coming Out on Top and Dharker Studio’s Battle Girls. The only common theme among these games is that they feature nudity, but that does little to shed light on the real reason behind this. As a matter of fact, Kindred Spirits doesn’t even classify as an H-Game. It mostly seems like a particular type of game is being singled out instead of ones with mainstream appeal.

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News:: Revamped Xbox feedback program asks you to vote on ideas

Microsoft is shaking up the way it asks for your input on the future of gaming. The company has replaced Xbox Feedback with Xbox Ideas, a program with a narrower focus but (hopefully) more impact. It revolves around the concept of one- to three-month "Idea Drives" where Microsoft collects suggestions, picks the concepts it likes the most, and then asks you to vote and comment on your favorites. victors will end up on the Xbox Insider blog. Microsoft will even have a suggestion box for the Idea Drives themselves, in case you'd rather suggest a general area of interest.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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News:: Hey Dtoid, let's come up with some kickass Mortal Kombat spin-offs

Recently, speculation about a new entry in the Mortal Kombat series ramped up when gaming news outlets ran with the fact that Ed Boon had started using K's in place of C's on Twitter -- a rumor to which Ed Boon summarily responded...using K's instead of C's on Twitter.

Circle of life and all that.

Hey Dtoid, let's come up with some kickass Mortal Kombat spin-offs screenshot


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News:: Recommended Reading: The fate of Facebook's free internet project

What happened to Facebook's grand plan to wire the world?
Jessi Hempel,

For years, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg touted the company's initiative that sought to bring connectivity to everyone in the world. It was presented an ambitious humanitarian effort, but things didn't go according to plan. Wired tells the story of what happened to the project following criticism and bans from local governments.

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News:: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is bringing the fight to Europe June 22, PS4 open beta live now

Arc System Works have finally given European fans a day to mark down on their calendars. June 22 will see their anime crossover fighter BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle arrive on Euro shelves.

European PS4 owners can catch a taste of the chaotic action right now, as an open beta for the game is live as you read this. The beta closes on May 20 when it will be replaced by the four-character demo currently available in other territories.

Rice Digital are also releasing a European Collector's Edition, known as The Phantom Field Edition. Available on PS4 and Switch, this release contains a copy of the game, the official soundtrack CD, an art book, four character posters and a neat satchel or... umm... "Battle Bag". It can be pre-ordered here at a cost of £80.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle launches on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch in Japan on May 31. It will follow a few days later on June 5 in North America, with Europe to follow on June 22.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is bringing the fight to Europe June 22, PS4 open beta live now screenshot


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News:: MSI GS65 Stealth Thin review: A milestone for laptop gaming

There's no question that gaming laptops are more interesting than ever before. Mostly, that's due to NVIDIA's Max-Q GPUs, which allow PC makers to cram a ton of power into slim laptop cases. Last year we saw the 17.9mm-thick, 4.9-pound ASUS Zephyrus, which packed in GTX 1080 Max-Q graphics. Most recently there was Gigabyte's Aero 15X, which wowed us with its light 4.5-pound frame.

Now MSI is taking its latest stab at a Max-Q design with the GS65 Stealth Thin, and it's even more impressive than what we've seen before. It weighs just 4.1 pounds, but it fits in a GTX 1070 GPU. Even though NVIDIA's laptop-graphics chips haven't changed since last year, it's clear that MSI and other computer makers are getting smarter about how they implement that hardware.

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News:: Paradox's newest grand strategy takes us back to ancinet times in Imperator: Rome

PDXcon 2018's announcement show ended with quite the spectacle. Game director Johan Andersson, adorned in a toga and led by a legion of centurions, took the stage to announce the latest game from Paradox Development Studios, Imperator: Rome.

Taking place during the time of ancient civilizations, such as Alexander's Greece, Imperator: Rome will allow you to play as any nation to fulfill your own dreams of conquest. Like many of the other Paradox grand strategy games, the only goal set is that you can think of. How long can you make the Republic last before tyranny and oppression take over the once great nation of Rome? Can you lead the Celts to occupy and hold the Iberian Peninsula against the onslaught of foreign intruders? Or will you take your own path down your own path, redefining our history as you see fit?

Paradox's newest grand strategy takes us back to ancinet times in Imperator: Rome screenshot


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News:: The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend! Along with our highlights from the past week, we have some AirPod-like earbuds and a jet thruster that could help keep your motorcycle upright.

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News:: Paradox Interactive to bring their catalogue of IPs to the board game genre

When it was announced at PDXcon that Paradox would be bringing their games to a new platform, my fears initially turned to a glut of mobile gacha games with cutesy versions of old-world rulers that I'd have to pay to get a good roll of. How excited was I when it was announced that Paradox would finally be bringing their beloved IPs to the tabletop realm? I think it's safe to say that I was pretty stoked.

Paradox Interactive to bring their catalogue of IPs to the board game genre screenshot


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News:: Triumph brings their Age of Wonders series into the future with Planetfall

God morgon! While you were sleeping, PDXcon kicked off in Stockholm, Sweden with publisher Paradox's keynote address. The lead-up to this event has been rife with speculation about which games would be unveiled at the ominous "announcement show." The event kicked off with Triumph Studios taking the stage.

Triumph Studios recently came under the Paradox Interactive umbrella and it isn't surprising to see that their first game under their new publisher is a new entry in their beloved series Age of Wonders. Only this time they move out of the fantasy realm and into the, slightly crowded, science-fiction genre.

Triumph brings their Age of Wonders series into the future with Planetfall screenshot


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News:: 'Marvel Powers United VR' is still headed to Oculus this year

Last year Disney revealed that a Marvel VR game is on the way for Oculus headsets, and things have been fairly quiet since. Marvel Powers United VR will allow for four-player co-op as gamers take on the roles of various heroes in the Marvel universe like The Hulk, Captain Marvel, Deadpool or Loki. With Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 both currently in theaters it would seem like the perfect time for the title to release widely, but apparently not yet.

UploadVR spoke to Oculus Studios EP Mike Doran who confirmed that the Sanzaru Games-developed project is still on deck for release later this year. Last year before the Thor movie came out developers revealed his character would be playable, but so far there's no word concerning whether Black Panther or Thanos are joining the action. There are in-store demos of the game available if you can't wait for the full experience, or just check out the reaction video below from fans who tried it at Comic-Con.

Source: UploadVR

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