Friday, July 28, 2017

News:: Street Fighter & Friends Swimsuit Edition 2017 now available

It's that time of year again. Udon Entertainment have released the 2017 edition of their annual Street Fighter & Friends Swimsuit Edition, featuring Capcom's famous fighters in their finest beach garbs.

As usual, multiple artists collaborated to depict all your favourite guys 'n' gals glamming it up in next to nothing. Karin is there in her classy beach ensemble, whilst Mike Haggar is rockin' his ultimate DILF Trunks n' Meat combo.

Juri's being a minx, Laura's being outrageous, even the Rival Schools gang show up for what must be the most emo game of Marco Polo ever (How the fuck do you even play that?) This is all in keeping with this year's theme "Relaxing beach vacation" as opposed to previous years, which have seen the characters relaxing on the beach whilst on vacation.

The Swimsuit Edition and its multiple covers (including a cool Morrigan Vampirella homagé) is available now in comic book stores, and online via Comixolgy, priced around $5.

Street Fighter & Friends Swimsuit Edition 2017 now available screenshot


via destructoid