Tuesday, July 4, 2017

News:: The best 4th of July gaming laptop deals for 2017

Thinking about a new gaming laptop for the upcoming new school year? Whether you're shopping for an incoming college student or just need to replace that ancient brick of yours - there is a handful of year where laptops are truly discounted, and surprisingly our Independence Day is one such holiday.

For a limited time this week, the big three PC manufacturer has good pricing on their entire repertoire of computers. We've picked out the noteworthy gaming laptop deals below. Note that while Dell is discounting many of their machines - the pricing isn't as decent (in our opinion) when compared to their HP and Lenovo counterparts, but we're leaving it in the list below for completeness.

In HP's camp, our top pick would be the newly refreshed HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop, which sports the latest Kaby Lake Quad Core i5, a Radeon RX 550 (upgrade option includes a GTX 1050), a Full HD IPS panel, and plenty of RAM and storage for $679. For $20 more at $699, you can et the bigger brother 17t Power Laptop, which is similar in styling and build and comes with a GTX 1050 in lieu of the RX 550.

For Lenovo, our pick would be the Legion Y720 base model for $749.99, which comes with an IPS display, GTX 1050 Ti, and a Kaby Lake Core i5-7300HQ. For those needing more GPU power, the Y720 with the GTX 1060 is also a good choice. Also available is a fully decked-out Y920 which packs a Core i7-7820HK paired with GTX 1070. It can run everything under the sun but it'll cost you $2,300 (even though it's on sale for $400 off).

Finally, over at Dell, you have your picks of Inspiron 15 5000 or 7000 series gaming laptop, all of which are at an OK balance of price and performance. Our only wary of these machines are the TN panels Dell decided to go with, which compares rather unfavorably vs. the IPS panels found in similar HP and Lenovo laptops. On the flip side, Dell does offer a budget gaming laptop at $570 which comes with a Radeon RX 460 for lower mid-level graphics gaming that won't empty your wallet.

Note: All laptops below comes with a Full HD panel, except for the few 4K UHD models listed below.

HP 4th of July Laptop Deals:

Lenovo 4th of July Sale

Dell 4th of July Sale

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