Tuesday, June 27, 2017

News:: Deal: dirt cheap refurbished Xbox One bundles on sale for $139

It truly is a shame. All those refurbished Xbox Ones without a home. They lie packed in giant warehouses stacked several pallets high. Unloved. Unwanted. But maybe, just maybe, for the right price...

If you wouldn't mind picking up an Xbox One this summer, three of the older refurbished models are going on fire sale at NewEgg. The formerly "Walmart Exclusive" white Xbox One 500GB Gears of War Limited Edition bundle is only $139.99, making it one of the cheapest Xbox One bundles to date, even as a refurb.

Upgrading to a 1TB won't put much of a dent in your pocket if you go with a refurbished Xbox One S 1TB Madden NFL 17 bundle going for only $182.99. That's $167 cheaper than the $350 list price they were originally going for last year, and probably the best bang for your buck on an Xbox console as of writing.

A third deal to consider lands in about the middle of the other two in terms of price and specs. It's a 1TB Xbox One of the older variety: the bundle with Tom Clancy's The Division. The console has fallen to only $158 at NewEgg. Previously priced at $350 around its original March 2016 release, believe it or not, you can still find it for around $270 online elsewhere.

All three deals are running through this Saturday, July 1 or until sold out. They are priced low enough that we expect stock to move. Shipping is free in the USA.

With the rate things are going, we won't be surprised if near-$100 price tag refurbished Xbox One and Xbox One S units show up toward the end of the year.

Deal: dirt cheap refurbished Xbox One bundles on sale for $139 screenshot

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