Tuesday, June 27, 2017

News:: 'Crackdown 3' lives in the shadow cast by 'Agents of Mayhem'

Microsoft's biggest hurdle with Crackdown 3 isn't its rumored troubled development cycle, it's that Agents of Mayhem exists and is coming out first. Both share a similar premise: You're a super-powered human given free reign over a cartoony open-world. There are plenty of physics-based shenanigans that result from shooting harpoon rifles at snipers and black-hole guns at gang members in both, and each has a familiar structure of taking out a crime syndicate from the bottom up.

The difference lies in the execution: There are a lot of cooks working on Crackdown 3 -- some brand new to the franchise -- while Mayhem's team is a group of seasoned open-world veterans.

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