Monday, August 7, 2017

News:: Review: Infinite Minigolf

A video game about miniature golf is sort of strange, if you think about it. Minigolf is already an imitation of full-scale golf, reduced to putting and avoiding obstacles. Making a video game based on minigolf just adds another layer of abstraction to the sport. 

Zen Studios made their name with Zen Pinball, a comprehensive pinball simulator you can play on pretty much every platform out there. The tables available tend to be mostly realistic with just a few fantastic elements to spice things up and remind you you're playing a video game. That's also a fairly good description of their most recent project, Infinite MinigolfThe studio branched out in 2010 with Planet Minigolf on the PS3, and Infinite Minigolf is a successor of sorts. Zen's experience with ball physics translates nicely to their latest offering, but there are some strange design decisions that make me think the project may have bumped into some obstacles along the way.

Review: Infinite Minigolf screenshot


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