Monday, August 7, 2017

News:: Occult FPS Dusk's latest trailer is wicked

Dusk is a low-poly fever dream of shotguns and the occult. The hyper-fast retro FPS channels Doom, Quake, and other influential shooters to make something so wicked -- and goddamn fun -- that I couldn't take my hands off the keyboard during a demo at PAX East.

Publisher New Blood Interactive recently unleashed a new Dusk trailer that has me all sorts of excited for game's full release. I'd say that it hints at some of Dusk's finest features, but that would imply subtlety, and there's nothing subtle about the shooter. It's violent and snappy in all the right ways, full of enough explosions and backflips to make every action hero blush. 

Occult FPS Dusk's latest trailer is wicked screenshot


via destructoid