Wednesday, August 2, 2017

News:: Live Show: The GTFOMLG Show - Episode 2.0

To say that last night's episode of the GTFOMLG show was an interesting start would be an understatement. We found out that Panic Restaurant wasn't as amazingly fun and polished as my rose-tinted goggles had me believing, and we also discovered during the post-show, that the NES version of The Family Feud is one of the most diabolical game show titles ever created. Seriously.

Tonight, starting at 7pm PST, we're ready to do it all over again at Dtoid.TV as we jump into Batman: The Video Game. It's sure to kick my ass straight back to the 80s, but I'll be too busy jamming out to the stellar soundtrack to care. We'll give our best shot for a few hours, and then, when we're done being pounded into submission, we'll end the show with something a bit more casual. Hope to see you all there!

Live Show: The GTFOMLG Show - Episode 2.0 screenshot

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