Thursday, July 6, 2017

News:: Take a look at Destiny 2's social hub 'The Farm'

The folks over at IGN got to take a gander at Destiny 2's first/main hub, dubbed "The Farm." It's basically a staging area for humanity to regain a foothold against the Cabal and other such evil entities.

There's a Cryptarch, ships taking off and landing, a soccer mini-game with interactive goal posts, and most importantly, chickens -- now you can make the "nobody here but us chickens" joke when your friends ask where you are in Destiny 2 (fun facts: my Bungie icon is a chicken, a relic of my Halo account, and I want to own chickens some day). The hub supports up to 26 players in total (previously it was 16) and will "expand" as time goes on with new characters and areas.

Once they added more functionality to the Tower in the original Destiny I started to get on board with it, and I doubt they'll regress with the sequel. It's shaping up to be an upgrade so far!

Take a look at Destiny 2's social hub 'The Farm' screenshot


via destructoid