Wednesday, July 26, 2017

News:: Retro gaming event coming to Manchester next month

The UK's Manchester Museum of Science will be holding an exhibition of classic video gaming in August, celebrating 40 years of gaming with a show full of retro platforms and games for the public to enjoy.

The Power UP! festival (previously known as the somewhat more demanding "Play It") will feature some 160 consoles and will be showcasing games from every generation. Activity workshops will be held where 7-14 year olds more talented than I can compose 8-bit tunes or design game characters.

Selected evenings will see adult-only sessions, allowing for the playing of games that will turn you into a killer, such as Quake. LAN party sessions will also be held on various multiplayer shooters during the evening.

The show will run from August 11 until August 28. The odd decision has been made to run the event in sporadic 90 minute sessions. Each session costs £5 entry, though half-day, full-day and family tickets are available. Workshop tickets and the evening sessions have a separate pricing scheme. Perhaps "one price, one ticket, all events, all day" would allow dangerous levels of fun to happen.

Jesting aside, it looks like a cool event, as well as a great way to remind yourself of how old you are. For more details on tickets and times, visit the link below. A full list of games available to play can be found on this page.

Power UP! festival [Manchester Museum of Science]

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