Tuesday, August 1, 2017

News:: Rumour: Datamining discovers Street Fighter V arcade mode and more

Dataminer X-Kira, who has a rep for digging up future updates fpr Street Fighter V, has claimed that an Arcade Mode, along with a few costume and stage slots, can be discovered buried within the latest build of the game.

Their findings include new costume slots opened for Bison, Ibuki, Guile and Karin, as well as two new stages and an Abigail-themed bonus round. The most intriguing find is a full arcade mode for the game, which also appears complete and good to go. Just a year and a half after the game's release.

Whilst this should obviously ALL be taken as rumour, X-Kira has successfully mined SFV features before. They are also claiming that they are able to get the arcade mode up and running, as all the data is complete, and are expected to upload a video of the feature soon. We'll see.

Regardless, I doubt adding an arcade mode eighteen months late will do much to set the game's sales alight. It all just feels a little redundant at this point. If Capcom have some magical SSFV re-release in the bag (which in itself is starting to just seem like fans' wishful thinking) then it's time to cut their losses and pull it out.

X-Kira SFV datamining report [Event Hubs]

Rumour: Datamining discovers Street Fighter V arcade mode and more screenshot


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