Tuesday, August 1, 2017

News:: Command a spaceship fleet in the 'Dreadnought' PS4 open beta

Ever dreamed of commanding a whole fleet of giant spaceships? You now have your chance. Six Foot, Yager and Grey Box have launched the PS4 open beta for Dreadnought, their long-in-the-making tactical space battler. The test expands on the long-running closed tests on PC and PS4 by giving everyone access to eight new maps, a new vessel (the Trident Hero Ship), an in-game friends list, squads and a slew of PS4-specific additions like PS4 Pro support and Remote Play. An expanded beta like this wouldn't normally garner so much attention, but the closed betas (and the open beta on PC) have racked up some positive buzz -- this is a game concept that appears to work well in practice.

Source: PlayStation Blog, Grey Box

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