Tuesday, August 8, 2017

News:: Live Show: GTFOMLG Episode 4.0

After playing some complete ball-busters on The GTFOMLG Show, we're taking a well needed break from the hardcore. Tonight at 7pm PST, we'll be jumping into the world of Sega CD FMV titles with Time Gal, and Road Avenger. Remember thinking that these games looked like movies back in the day? Well, to no one's surprise I'm sure, they look like absolute shit now. Glorious, compressed, nostalgic shit

Still, these two are my favorite of the bunch, and we'll I'm sure we'll have a blast playing them over at Dtoid.TV this evening as we always do. As well, if time allows, we'll dive further in, with Cobra Command, and Wirehead. Get ready to have any fond memories you may have had of these games to be thoroughly destroyed. 

Live Show: GTFOMLG Episode 4.0 screenshot

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