Saturday, August 5, 2017

News:: Expedition is a tabletop RPG on an NES cartridge

A few months ago, my friends and wife and I got together for a game of old school Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve played every edition to come out since, but there has always been something appealing about the more chaotic, unorganized nature of the early iteration of the game. It feels more raw, less reliant on a strict adherence to a clean, perfected ruleset. It was a blast; I rolled the dice freely on the table for everyone to see, and death was permanent creating a ton of tension you don't normally get while hiding behind a DM screen. The entire party managed to survive the first couple of sessions more or less unscathed, though badly beaten down, but we haven’t had the time to pick up where we left off since. And I have forgotten where I was leading them, being fairly bad at keeping good notes, and what the point of the whole adventure actually was in the first place.

The problem with the tabletop experience, especially when roleplaying, is that you really do need to be consistent. Getting a group together and having a game ready, even if you improvise a lot is generally a lot of work, and my wife and I are pretty busy people. So when I was perusing homebrew NES games and discovered Expedition by Mega Cat Studios, I was stoked.

Expedition is a tabletop RPG on an NES cartridge screenshot


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