Sunday, July 16, 2017

News:: See the 'true ending' to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid on PS VR today

Japan's tokusatsu superhero shows are a must-watch for anyone interested in the antics of trained professionals smacking each other around while wearing elaborate plastic-and-spandex getups. That much is a given, but if Kamen Rider has anything to say about it, the target demographic will be expanded to PlayStation VR owners as well. 

Toei, the production company behind both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, has just released Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending, a free 360 video production teasing the new Kamen Rider Ex-Aid feature film, which opens in Japanese theaters this August. VR is especially relevant to Ex-Aid, as this particular installment of the Kamen Rider franchise runs on a unifying retro game motif. The hero and his foes derive their appearances and powers from old video games. Ex-Aid's default appearance is based on "Mighty Action X" a 2D platformer not unlike Mega Man. Sal had more to say about the first few episodes here. VR gaming itself may not be very "retro", but its advent will be informing the plot of the True Ending film.

PS VR owners with a Japanese PSN account can pop onto the PSN store to grab the film right now, if they're into it. I find it slightly amusing that they're choosing to release this promo as a VR-exclusive, considering that while Kamen Rider's typical audience is pre-tween, most VR tech warns against allowing children below 13 years of age to use it.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending free PlayStation VR movie now available in Japan [Gematsu]

See the 'true ending' to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid on PS VR today screenshot

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