Thursday, July 27, 2017

News:: Nintendo kinda, sorta kept its big gay promise

Tomodachi Life is one of the strangest games to come out of Nintendo and, when it launched, it became a lightning rod for stupid controversy over the supposed removal of same-sex relationships from the game. A misunderstanding as to what was actually happening led to plenty of misinformed commentators, this thing from Ellen, this thing from John Oliver, and a truly heartfelt petition from one fan simply asking for equality.

Nintendo's response to the petition was well received, and the company said if it were to create another entry in the Tomodachi Life franchise, it would "strive to design a game-play experience from the ground up that is more inclusive, and better represents all players." Last year, we got our first big Nintendo game to include gay characters and gay relationship options in Fire Emblem Fates, though it was limited in who you could fall in love with and which version of the game they would be available in. Also, Niles sucked.

Going through Miitopia over the last three weeks, I had this controversy in mind. If you've played the demo, you know it has a relationship aspect where you can level up bonds between Miis. It all starts out innocent enough, with relationship labels like "acquainted" and "likes a little bit," but as they grow closer, the wording becomes more intimate. I wondered how far and how deep these relationships would get, finding my answer on YouTube.

Nintendo kinda, sorta kept its big gay promise screenshot


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