Wednesday, June 28, 2017

News:: Xbox is gearing up for another Ultimate Game Sale

Like most platform-holders, Xbox is throwing a massive sale during the dog days of summer. Why wouldn't it? It's the perfect time of year when the seasonal lull leaves people bored enough to pick up some new games if the prices are right. The video game industry's schedule is cyclical, and summer sales have become a staple.

Beginning on June 30, Xbox's latest Ultimate Game Sale goes live. This particular title is reserved for Xbox's biggest discount event, so we can probably infer that these will be the most significant savings until Black Friday.

However, we don't yet know exactly what will be discounted. That information's coming in a day or two. All we know for know is: A handful of the titles that will be included, that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will save up to 75 percent on some games, and that the sale runs through July 10. 

Here's a list of some of the stuff that will be a part of the promotion:

Xbox is gearing up for another Ultimate Game Sale screenshot


via destructoid