Wednesday, May 31, 2017

News:: Review: Wonder Woman

DC Comics and Warner Bros have been, well, let's say misguided in their attempts at launching a series of films comparable to Marvel's success. Deciding to push through critical failure (thanks to overall box office success), the conglomerate has been fumbling around hoping to accidentally create something worth all of their efforts. Who could've guessed (sigh) the answer to all of their problems was to finally let someone else have a go at it? 

Wonder Woman, unfortunately, has a lot riding on it to succeed. DC and WB need a win, it's the first major, solo appearance of the character on the big screen, it's one of the few superhero films helmed by a woman, and it's the first film focused on a superheroine. But there's no need to worry.

Like its titular character, Wonder Woman is proud, strong, and far better put together than its predecessors. 

Review: Wonder Woman screenshot


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