Wednesday, August 9, 2017

News:: First-person superhero game Megaton Rainfall hits PS4 in September

We've been keeping tabs on Megaton Rainfall for years now. It's a first-person superhero game in which you roam the planet (and even go up into space!) while fending off an alien threat and trying not to inadvertently cause too much destruction. The game is back in the limelight this week with a trailer showcasing more fully realized gameplay. You've got to see the new-and-improved version in motion.

In the game, you're invincible, but the Earth isn't -- cities have health bars. So before you decide to take a page from the Earth Defense Force handbook and go around "accidentally" leveling whole blocks while "saving" the world, maybe don't do that. Even knowing the consequences, I'm still tempted.

Megaton Rainfall is coming to PlayStation 4 with optional PlayStation VR support on September 26, followed by a Steam release. "It can be completed from start to finished in VR mode, and it will infinitely increase the sense of scale and immersion but, in favor of keeping player's comfort, will remove some camera effects like rolls and shakes," notes Pentadimensional Games.

I need this real bad.

First-person superhero game Megaton Rainfall hits PS4 in September screenshot

via destructoid