Friday, July 21, 2017

News:: Review: Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan is a well-known name. As modern-day filmmakers go, his name is near the top of the list of directors studios will trust with boatloads (literally in this case) of money to bring projects to life. Strange then, that in many marketing materials Nolan’s name has been conspicuously absent. In interviews, Nolan discussed that while he’s had the idea for Dunkirk for more than 20 years, he opted to wait until he had this sort of clout with studios to make the film, and, well, it paid off.

Even as I watched, I knew this was a very different sort of film and one that doesn’t draw easy comparisons with other movies, even other war movies. Perhaps the most obvious recent comparison would be to 1998’s Saving Private Ryan, owing purely to a concurrence of beach scenes taking place in World War II while tensions run high. But that’s an over-simplification that does Dunkirk no justice, as it is standalone one of the best films you will likely see.

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