Tuesday, July 11, 2017

News:: Logitech is buying Astro Gaming

It's right there in the headline, but yep, Logitech has agreed to pick up headset maker Astro Gaming.

The acquisition is expected to close in "early August" for $85 million in cash, with Logitech now "investing in an adjacent gaming market — the console gaming market — to help accelerate the long-term growth of our gaming business," according to today's press release. The pairing makes total sense.

"Astro's brand strength combined with Logitech G's unrivaled technology and global distribution network is going to bring our products to even more gamers around the world," said co-founder Jordan Reiss.

I'll be curious to see how this acquisition affects Astro's product line and pricing, if at all.

Logitech is buying Astro Gaming screenshot

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