Thursday, July 13, 2017

News:: Hitman's new patch makes Agent 47 a little more professional

Agent 47, consummate professional that he is (here's a video of him kicking a toilet onto someone's head), is always looking to improve. In his line of work, staying alive is a secondary objective right behind efficient killing. Now he's a bit better at both of those.

Hitman developer IO Interactive has just rolled out update 1.12.1, and its main purpose is seemingly to make things just a little easier for 47. Combat has been tweaked to slow the fire rate of enemy pistols, reduce damage taken at mid- to long-range distances, speed up the lock-on animation with aim assist enabled, and increase rate of health regeneration.

However, these changes don't alter the Professional difficulty, which is available much sooner as of today. Now, Mastery level 5 is required to unlock a level's Professional mode. Before, it was level 20. Here's where amateurs can find out how tough it is to be an elite assassin.

Otherwise, this patch is mostly full of fixes to make Hitman a better game (improved loading times on Xbox One is probably the most notable of them). It's just in time for Season One's final elusive target contract that releases tomorrow. Here's the full list of update notes, as outlined by IO:

Hitman's new patch makes Agent 47 a little more professional screenshot


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