Sunday, June 4, 2017

News:: Nintendope: The secret origins of Switch voice chat

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The last time I saw Shigeru Miyamoto was at a Redmond, Washington gas station; I accidentally left him there after an evening of righteous blazing. Needless to say, we formed a special bond that night. So when he called me up to offer an exclusive peek at the behind-the-scenes secrets of Nintendo’s controversial voice chat plans, I was hardly surprised.

I arrived at Itami Airport at 4AM, but that's not why my eyes were red if ya know what I mean. The Shigsmeister himself greeted me at the exit, straddling a perfect replica of Link's Motorcycle from Mario Kart 8. He tossed a helmet my way. “Love the octorok sidecar, Shigs,” I growled, stroking every last hair on my chin with panache.

Nintendope: The secret origins of Switch voice chat screenshot


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