Sunday, June 4, 2017

News:: The Nintendo Switch: 3 months later

[Promoted from our community blogs, a hardcore fan looks back at the last 90 days]

Holy Macaroni, these Arms Global Testpunches have been fun, haven't they? Well with that little blast of hype-steam out of my system, lets take a look at how the Switch is doing after 3 months of being available to the general public! It really doesn't seem like it but it's already been three months and while there have been some changes and additions, it still feels like the Switch is somewhat lacking in some areas. In others though, the Switch has been an utter delight. As for whether or not I'm still in the honeymoon period though is kind of a tough question to give a definitive answer to. Let's take a quick look at some good, hard, numbers to see how the Switch is selling: According to VGChartz (Geeze, I wish I knew of a better source) the Nintendo Switch has sold nearly 2.9 million units world wide, with North America being responsible for over a million of those units sold. While I can't find when the Wii U sold its millionth unit, it had sold 3.5 during the first quarter of 2013 and again, not sure if this means the fiscal year of 2013 or the literal year of 2013. It is projected that the Nintendo Switch is likely to outsell the Wii U in that similar timeframe...or rather it was since I'm sure we're quickly nearing the deadline for that particular timeframe. For what it's worth I do clearly remember being able to find Wii U consoles just about anywhere a couple of weeks after launch. The Nintendo Switch however sells out moments after stores open when or if those stores get re-stocks. 

The Nintendo Switch: 3 months later screenshot


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