Wednesday, June 14, 2017

News:: Gallery: Photos from Destructoid's LA Meetup

Thanks to everyone that made it out to our drink up last night at the Golden Gopher, I really enjoyed seeing old faces and new friends. It's so funny to see a new person try the Destructoid helmet for the first time. Special thanks to the guys from Enthusiast Gaming for co-hosting and Paul from 213 Hospitality. It was a night to remember! 

My favorite stories of the night: One guy who wanted to personally thank Chris Carter for covering his Nintendo fan game that got super shut down by The Man, and the kid from Russia who pressed his aunt to score him an E3 ticket and despite not having the means he drank goat's blood and murdered a family of baby kittens to get here. I admire that sort of tenacity in people. It's just a video game convention, sure but for many of us it's always been about going to where we feel that we belong. Another guy said "I can't believe how nice everyone is here!". I love that. There's never any shortage of buena gente. 

We're hoping to host another one this year at PAX West, hope to see you there!

Gallery: Photos from Destructoid's LA Meetup screenshot


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