Thursday, June 15, 2017

News:: ARMS' new character looks like an F-Zero racer

Nintendo did a pretty solid job of expanding the rather basic launch of Splatoon with some DLC throughout 2015. While it may have been on-disc, all of it was free and it worked in a way to keep players engaged with the title over a longer period of time then they might have otherwise. While I'm not sure if ARMS has DLC on the cartridge, Nintendo is holding to the same plan with all post launch being free and releasing in increments over the rest of 2017.

The first of many new characters is Max Brass, a guy that looks straight out of F-Zero. I mean, he basically resembles Black Shadow in stature and Captain Falcon in terms of costume. Anyway, his in-game lore is that he's a returning champion who is looking to defend his title against new comers like Spring Man and Ribbon Girl. His arms are also made out of his previous championship belts, because subtly is not his forte.

ARMS' new character looks like an F-Zero racer screenshot


via destructoid