Tuesday, May 16, 2017

News:: Review: The Surge

The first few minutes of The Surge are nothing if not evocative. It begins on a shuttle. Warren, the game's protagonist, sits idly as the car marches forward. He's a gruff, vaguely plain-looking man; the kind of guy whose worn and tired features might easily identify him as a contractor or handyman. But it isn't Warren's blue-collar appearance that stands out. Instead, it's his wheelchair. As the shuttle comes to a halt and control of the scene is handed over to players, Warren's disability carries a striking weight. 

When the shuttle's doors slide open, and Warren wheels himself towards an impossibly polished industrial complex, The Surge is eerily quiet. There's little by way of character backstory. Players aren't privy to Warren's inner monologue. Instead, there's just the steady squeak of his wheelchair and the occasional disembodied voice of some faraway speaker, echoing the empty corporate truisms of an organization known only as CREO. 

Review: The Surge screenshot


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