Monday, May 15, 2017

News:: PC Port Report: Charlie Murder

I don’t remember much about Charlie Murder from its original 2013 release. It was such a late Xbox 360 title that a lot of people overlooked it in favor of the looming Xbox One and PS4 launches. To make matters worse, Microsoft seemed to stop promoting its "Summer of Arcade" initiatives that brought us such classics as Braid and Castle Crashers. It was like MS just gave up at the end.

Similar in vein to Ska's previous efforts with the Dishwasher series, Charlie Murder is a brutal and grimy beat-'em-up with a lot of stylistic touches. Charlie is focused on the story of a punk band that goes through a zombie apocalypse to stick it to a rival group that tried to kill them. The soundtrack and characters all represent some form of punk vibe right down to your power-ups being tattoos you can collect. It oozes with a rock 'n' roll attitude that even Guitar Hero didn't quite capture.

While I'm not sure how well the game sold on Xbox 360, this Steam release gives Charlie Murder a second chance at becoming a success. How does the port hold up, though?

PC Port Report: Charlie Murder screenshot


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