Monday, May 15, 2017

News:: Halo 3 will not be getting a remaster

Halo 6 won't be making an appearance at E3 this year, leading fans to speculate that Microsoft and 343 Industries are cooking up a Halo 3 remaster to fill the gap. Wouldn't it be great to play the premiere Xbox Live game on modern hardware (even though that is already possible)? Well, stop all that nonsensical speculation, because Halo 3 Anniversary is not going to happen!

343's community manager, Brian Jarrad, took to Reddit to squash the rumors once and for all. As he aptly put it, "OMG stop. There is no Halo 3 Anniversary." Seeing as how the first two games in the series received overhauls, I suppose fans were just assuming the company would tackle the third entry to liven it up a bit.

That being said, 343 Industries does have some kind of "surprise" planned for E3. It probably won't relate to much more than DLC for Halo 5, but you never know. Maybe all of this talk about no Halo 3 remaster is just misleading us so we can get our minds blown.

Halo 3 Remastered Won’t Happen Says 343 Community Manager [CGMag Online]

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