Monday, July 24, 2017

News:: Slime Rancher exits Steam Early Access next week

The appeal of Slime Rancher is built right into the name. It's a game about wrangling cute slimes with a combination vacuum/cannon/backpack and gettin' paid -- the sort of thing I'd ideally like to play a little bit in the evening when I'm unwinding. (Just like how I used to play Stardew Valley for "a little bit." Right...) I've been holding out for the game's full launch and that's happening real soon.

On Tuesday, August 1, Slime Rancher will leave Steam Early Access and launch with "a smaller update that ties up a few loose ends." So if you've also been waiting, you're probably good to jump in any time now. The save files for the current build "will absolutely carry over to v1.0.0."

Slime Rancher exits Steam Early Access next week screenshot


via destructoid