Tuesday, July 25, 2017

News:: PUBG is getting some sweet Battle Royale-inspired skins

Just the other day, I was telling Ray that I'm liable to spend real money on cosmetic items if they're for a game I'm super into and intend to play long-term. He concurred. That first purchase is dangerous, though -- it opens the floodgates, making each subsequent purchase that much easier. It's the main reason I've yet to pay for a Loot Box in Overwatch despite adoring that dang game. I'd be ruined!

Anyway, we had this conversation while playing Battlegrounds. You know where this is going...

"We're aware that many of you want new in-game skins to further customize your character," Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene wrote in a post on Steam. "While we won't be rolling out the full system until we move out of early access, we would like to provide more content as well as test the basic crate & key system we want to implement in the final version of the game."

PUBG is getting some sweet Battle Royale-inspired skins screenshot


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