Monday, July 3, 2017

News:: Grand Theft Auto V players uncover a hidden UFO mission

The most dedicated of the Grand Theft Auto V community have spent four years working together to unravel the game's most well-protected secret: The Mount Chiliad Mystery. The whole thing is centered around a cryptic mural painted inside the cable car station at the top of the game's largest mountain.

There's a lot to parse, and this page on the GTA Wikia does it most efficiently. Essentially, there's a picture of a UFO, an alien egg, and a jetpack. No one's sure how, but the prevalent theory is that this will somehow lead to players being able to unlock a jetpack in regular gameplay. Whatever end this may lead to, the Chiliad Mystery community is one step closer to getting there.

As a part of GTA V's recent Gunrunning update, files were added (but not yet activated) that the Chiliad Mystery folks were able to manipulate to start a new supply run mission. The video's embedded above, and it features a crashed UFO and some enemy alien types. This post on the group's subreddit explains how the mission was found.

This discovery represents a couple different things. From the outside looking in, it's sort of disappointing. A standard fare supply run is a letdown when you consider how grand this reveal could've been. But, it could also be the first real step toward what this community has been seeking for four years, and that's pretty exciting. We just have to wait to see if Rockstar leans into the Chiliad Mystery as far as the players did.

The Guru Team Presents: The Alien Egg Supply Run!! [reddit]

Grand Theft Auto V players uncover a hidden UFO mission screenshot

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