Monday, July 31, 2017

News:: Grand Theft Auto modders are taking the mayhem to space

Space is a lawless place. On earth, the infrastructure's generally there to discourage and prevent felony grand theft auto. The same can't be said for space. It's like international waters: Anything goes.

Also, there aren't any cars to steal in space. Look past that for a minute.

A group of modders is working on taking Grand Theft Auto V from San Andreas to the final frontier. With an Armageddon-like plot, this mod sends humans to space to halt impending doom for mankind. There are aliens up there (they look like Xenomorphs with assault rifles) and they plan to invade earth. Bullets should stop them.

Grand Theft Auto Space looks to be much more than just an affront on aliens, though. The two-minute trailer that was uploaded earlier this month also shows solar system exploration, moon buggy driving, and NPC interaction. There's a cinematic pacing to the trailer that has the mod looking like more of a story than a sandbox.

What's interesting about this is how it runs parallel to another GTA development. Recently, after four years of searching, dedicated players have discovered a UFO supply run mission. In theory, Rockstar will eventually have us protecting earth from invading aliens. This mod is sort of like a retelling of that before it even happens: We protect earth by taking the fight to space.

As these things go, there's no projected release date for Grand Theft Auto Space. The development group simply says it'll launch "when we think it's ready." Space will have to wait a while.

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Grand Theft Auto modders are taking the mayhem to space screenshot

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