Sunday, June 25, 2017

News:: This augmented reality Super Mario game is going to kill its maker

The Microsoft Hololens might be the so-called leader in mixed reality, but at $3000 per unit and zero must-have apps we've almost forgotten that it exists altogether. Recently, a genius developer (who Starbucks baristas know by fifty different names) took matters into his own hands and finally made something I'd love to play. This Super Mario Brothers fan-made demo is one of the most impressive mixed-reality game mashups I've ever seen. Go watch it before Nintendo's sleepless legal team fires up their hater engines. Even if you own a Hololens please brace yourself for blue balls: Mr. Singh said he's not going to release this to the public but may share some of his Unity 3D code with other developers.

The video below, recorded in New York's Central Park, shows what running through World 1-1 might really be like in real life. It's absolutely daunting. The squares are so high above your head, you can't see shit when they produce an item, and jumping those chasms looks rough! I don't know if I have the knees for that. The funniest thing is watching unsuspecting people stroll through the tall pipes while our hero almost runs face-first into them. They must be so confused. Actually, they probably think he's playing Pokemon Go and are totally used to this. Could you imagine Pokemon Go on this thing? I wouldn't mind going out like that.

Compare it to actual World 1-1:


This teaches us three things: (1) The future of augmented reality games will probably be played with a certain level of transparency (2) We're going to need smarter chaperone systems or somebody's eventually going to go out of a window or into a car and (3) adoption for this type of stuff may never happen at the home due to the vast physical requirements (even if the headsets become somewhat affordable), and maybe that's where future arcades are headed.

A wise man once pointed out that forty years ago all we had was pong and, if any advancement happens, videogames simultaneously played by millions of people will be almost indistinguishable from reality (you need to watch this). What red-blooded sapien wouldn't want to go chill with Khaleesi for five bucks all afternoon? Sign me up.

This augmented reality Super Mario game is going to kill its maker screenshot


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