Friday, June 9, 2017

News:: Review: The Mummy

Everybody wants a superhero movie universe now. Thanks to Marvel's insane success at stringing together a cinematic comic universe, every movie studio out there wants a piece of the pie. You can't really blame them. Cinematic universes put consistent butts in seats, and there is nothing studios like more than consistent butts in seats. The problem is that these universes rely on established comic book IP to draw in the initial crowd, and there are only so many of those to go around.

Enter Universal's Dark Universe, of which The Mummy is the first entry (Dracula Untold totally doesn't count anymore). Here we have a studio trying to make a superhero universe out of what they've got: classic movie monsters. All our favorite movie monsters are about to become action heroes played by very famous movie stars. The question is, does anyone really want that to happen? If The Mummy is a sign of things to come, then no, no we do not.

Review: The Mummy screenshot


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