Friday, June 23, 2017

News:: Is it a game or a dime-store hood?

As much as we all love the actual gameplay of various video games, there is no denying that the look and style of a game is becoming all too important. Even with that said, there are still naysayers out there who proclaim that gameplay is the unforgiving king of any good game and that the "artiness" that many games frequently present in modern gaming is unnecessary when such good gameplay is supposed to be the core of the experience. I agree with this to some extent. Gameplay is supposed to be the center of attention when you play a game; otherwise, why call it a game? I once spoke with a very outspoken and clearly disturbed "gamer" (who I am calling Flappy) and listened to him refer to Quantic Dream's 2005 paranormal thriller Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit for non-US gamers) as a "Play" rather than a game. He said it wasn't a game because you didn't do anything except push buttons for the time-based sequences. I told him, "Well, yes, because it's supposed to be an interactive sort of deal". And after that I stopped talking to him because I could feel that he was about to rant about something especially since he mentioned the phrase "Metal Gear Solid" beside the word "awful". One thing struck me though for the first time in my life: At least some people don't like movie-like games.

But can I just ask something?

What do people watch movies for? The story or the moving pictures? The flashy explosions or the demonstration of skill in acting?

Is it a game or a dime-store hood? screenshot


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