Thursday, June 8, 2017

News:: Dive into Shonen Jump's VR titles at Anime Expo '17

It may have been a long time since I kept up with Shonen Jump/Shueisha JUMP's manga series (such as One Piece and My Hero Academia), but I felt that their settings could be made into some enjoyable virtual reality games. Lo and behold, Shueisha and Dai Nippon Printing will showcase VR titles of One PieceDeath Note, and two art-themed galleries at this year's Anime Expo, the West Coast's largest anime convention.

The Death Note game has you help Misa Amane and Rem escape from a flooded basement, with the One Piece title focusing on the players assembling puzzles of illustrations from the series. Then there's a VR piece where you can view artwork from various JUMP stories, along with another one where you can mess with five different manga.

Dive into Shonen Jump's VR titles at Anime Expo '17 screenshot


via destructoid