Thursday, June 22, 2017

News:: Destructoid is hiring part-timers, send us your resumes

Real quick -- I have a few paid internship slots available right now. It's honestly not a ton of money, but enough to buy some booze and games now and then. Come work for Destructoid part-time for the fun and stupidity of being part of our counter-culture video games publication. You can drop fuck-bombs like it's hot, we're the fun one to work for!

And goddammit, can I get some female applicants? We have an 10:1 guy/girl ratio right now; it's like that time I converted the site to OK Cupid for April Fools and it was the most sausage I've ever seen.

What I'm looking for: loud-mouthed fearless gut-punching firepower that knows their shit. I'm looking for VERY opinionated people who can write original stuff. I don't need any more reporters or game reviewers.  Please send writing samples, podcast links, and YouTube videos to If you're already streaming on Twitch or can shoot/edit video and have a YouTube channel, that's a huge huge plus. If your friends describe you as loud and obnoxious and an asshole that's even better.  

Help me discover you already.  Get in touch!  Awkwaaaaaard.

Destructoid is hiring part-timers, send us your resumes screenshot

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