Tuesday, June 13, 2017

News:: Atari 2600 fans get the revival console they deserve

If you want to play retro Atari 2600 games, you're not short of options. There's eBay for the original console of course. You can play some on mobile, or buy one of those "Flashback" all-in-ones, or splurge on the ultimate man/woman-cave table. But for those that have the original cartridges, but don't want to keep an old console on permanent life support, or tinker with modifications under the hood, your options aren't so good. Enter the RetroN 77 -- the 2600 reimagined for the modern age. Importantly, it plays most, if not all of the original game cartridges in glorious 1080p, at a modern aspect ration right out of the box.

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