Saturday, May 13, 2017

News:: You've got character: Reaper

When it comes to competitive multiplayer games, we all have our favorite characters and classes. In this series, I'm putting some of mine under the microscope to see what makes them tick, how they fit into their games, and ultimately why I like them! See the previous entry, Kotal Kahn.

Watching Blizzard slowly convert the roster of Overwatch into characters for their MOBA sister-title Heroes of the Storm has been a series of surprises for me. Not because I didn’t think they would bring over Overwatch characters, or that they’d do it so quickly (if there is one thing Blizzard understands, it’s brand synergy) but because there are five Overwatch characters in HotS now, and none of them are Reaper.

Reaper might waltz around with an edgy swagger and dual-shotguns like any good Quake-era FPS character, but make no mistake, his kit is pure MOBA-bait. Fortunately, it turns out the same things that make a MOBA character really fun to play can also make a shooter character an absolute blast.

You've got character: Reaper screenshot


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