Saturday, May 20, 2017

News:: Review: Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop

I still remember the day I bought Cooking Mama for the Nintendo DS. It was a hot September afternoon in the Bay Area. My best friend at the time and I visited the Best Buy in Sausalito and each purchased a copy. Giggling like the schoolgirls we were, we rushed back to her place, popped it into our handhelds, and spent the next few hours trying to adjust to the quirks of the touch screen controls. It was shallow, God was it shallow, but it was also one of the more interesting and gosh darn fun mini-game collections I’d played.

Something happened after that. I stuck with Mama for a few more games on the Wii and DS, but that lightning-in-a-bottle magic was gone. Even though I believe Cooking Mama 2: Cooking with Friends is inarguably a better game than the first, it just didn’t hit me the same. Something in me must have changed; perhaps I’d outgrown the sweet simplicity of the series. I didn’t pick up another Mama game after that assuming my ability to enjoy them has subsided. Nearly a decade later, I want to see if that is the case with Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop.

Review: Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop screenshot


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