Thursday, May 11, 2017

News:: Nintendo reveals its E3 plans, including its streams

Your move, Ubisoft.

Basically everyone else has sounded off with their E3 plans, including Nintendo as of this morning. The publisher shared their streaming schedule with the world (which again, doesn't include a proper press briefing), and the festivities will kick off on Tuesday June 13 at 9AM PT. That's when the "Nintendo Spotlight" starts, which is going to be a Direct-like event.

Just like last year that'll be followed by Treehouse Live presentations, which will showcase a number of details as well as some expected smaller reveals. That will run from June 13 to June 15 intermittently.

Sounds like a plan! Instead of blowing it all in one hour or two they can maintain a presence throughout the entire week. Plus, they get Tuesday all to themselves rather than battle it out with the other titans.

Nintendo E3 2017 [Business Wire]

Nintendo reveals its E3 plans, including its streams screenshot


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