Thursday, May 11, 2017

News:: The Chinese-Western video game exchange sounds difficult

This week at the Los Angeles Games Conference, experts on the Chinese video game industry spoke to a room of games professionals (and me) about how to find success overseas. "Maybe this panel should be called How to Lose Less in China," said Michael Zhang, the founder and CEO of mobile publisher Firefly Games.

The panel also featured Isabel Gan, Director of Strategic Development at Mattel and Bill Wang, President of Overseas Business at 360 Games, and was moderated by Michael Cai, the President of Video Games at market research firm Interpret.

Over the course of the panel, the four executives dispelled rumors about publishing games in China. Since China still has an active censorship board, companies need to obtain a license to publish games. According to Zhang, it usually takes foreign companies around eight months to get the paperwork approved, so it often makes sense to partner with a Chinese third-party.

The Chinese-Western video game exchange sounds difficult screenshot


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