Sunday, May 28, 2017

News:: Don't argue, Cammy is clearly the best Street Fighter character ever

I've been a casual Street Fighter fan since 1992. It wasn't the arcade release that got me, but the SNES port that hit the console that summer. Every weekend, I would go down to the local video game rental shop to see if it had it, elated when it did and deflated when it didn't. I never got serious about the game, but it was a title my brother and I could play together, ultimately engaging in some truly historic fights. We would argue over who got to play as Guile, our favorite from the original.

When Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers released a year later, we no longer had that fight. Because I found Cammy, and I've been with her ever since.

Like most people (I assume), once I find a character I'm good with in a fighting game I tend to stick with them with each and every release they're included in. It's why I still play as Peach in Smash Bros. even though I enjoy Duck Hunt Dog more than her. Peach I was great with right away, but my history with Cammy is different. I sucked with her at first. Her special moves were awkward to pull off compared to the other fighters, and that's what drew me into her loving bosom. Cammy was the first fighter that made me practice a fighting game.

Before her, and mind you I was still under the age of 10 at this point, I would just fuck around with the game. I'd learn simple combos and moves and spam the shit out of them. But her Cannon Spike was different. Maybe I hadn't seen it with the other characters, but for me, at this age, it was a complicated move to pull off. It almost felt like a mistake compared to the ease of the other moves.

So I pushed myself to learn it, to master that move, as well as figuring out the rest of her arsenal. That was the starting point of me no longer just dicking around with fighting games. I got serious about learning moves, combos and anything else I could after this point. Sure, I'm still a casual, but I'm a casual who can kind-of-sort-of hold his own when playing as Peach, La Mariposa, El Blaze, Batgirl, Smoke and of course Cammy. None of that would have been possible if it wasn't for that unusual Cannon Spike. 

For that, as well as her awesome back story, great costume and the fact she was played by Kylie Minogue in the movie, Cammy is easily the best Street Fighter character and anyone listed below is just a poser.

Don't argue, Cammy is clearly the best Street Fighter character ever screenshot


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