Sunday, July 23, 2017

News:: Weekend deals: $17 Dishonored 2 and Mafia III plus cheap used console games

For those still equipped with a functioning wallet after Steam's Summer Sale, you can now plunder the savings once again with GMG's giant, 1,600 title strong PC games Summer Sale. It comes complete with 12-hour flash sales that PC gamers may be used to seeing in the past, plus added bonus of a free game and discount code with every purchase of a flash sale deal.

The newest batch that just went live includes $17 Dishonored 2 and Mafia III - both of which are at historic low prices for the PC version of each game. This beats out the price during Steam Summer Sale by a 15% margin. Accompanying the two games also includes $10 Dragon's Dogma and $4 Tomb Raider.

Next to these flash deals, you'll also spot some really good low price at $5 and under such as Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Evil Within. If you don't see anything that strikes your fancy, you can see the full breakdown of the sale here.

In console gaming land, Walmart is taking a dabble at selling pre-owned video games. Their prices are fairly good on select titles including $19.20 for Final Fantasy XV, $13.03 Fallout 4, $9.17 Tom Clancy's The Division, and $5.31 Star Wars Battlefront. Based on feedback from others who have partaken, conditions of the game are decent - and at the end of it, you can always return in store if the box looks like it came from hell and back.

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