Friday, July 14, 2017

News:: Nostalgia DLC heading to Street Fighter V

Announced by Capcom today as the Evolution Fighting Championships (EVO) starts its three day fist-fest, the long-awaited "Nostalgia" costumes are coming to Street Fighter V.

The DLC pack, which will be released on July 25, features classic costumes for lunkhead Alex, the lovely Juri (who appears to have sewn on some weird sleeves) and Ibuki, who finally, finally gets her classic ninja garb back. Also revealed was a new "classic" stage, which will return us to Suzaku Castle, Ryu's beatdown location of choice, from Street Fighter II.

In related news, Capcom cancelled their planned panel this weekend, but insist that announcements would be made over EVO's duration. It's a fair assumption to expect news forthcoming about Street Fighter V and the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, which is also being showcased this weekend.

The costumes will be available on PS4 and Steam priced at $3.99

Nostalgia DLC heading to Street Fighter V screenshot


via destructoid