Monday, July 10, 2017

News:: Cheddar is the new home of crowd-controlled StockStream

Watching other people play video games is a big business. At any time, you can hop on Twitch and see gamers take on Demon's Souls, Pokemon, and even Sudoku. It's not all video games, either, with Let's Robot and Instapainting exploring internet-controlled robots. Last May, software developer Mike Roberts created StockStream, a Twitch channel that encourages viewers to vote on which stocks to buy or sell using Roberts' own $50,000 stock portfolio. Now, Roberts and his trading game have been acquired by Cheddar, the "millennial business news" network that broadcasts from the New York Stock Exchange. StockStream will continue, though its balance will double and the portfolio extended to " commodities, industry portfolios, indexes, and other asset classes," according to a Cheddar blog post.

Source: Cheddar

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